Building Maintenance Worker, Building Services $19.50/hr

  • Staffing Services (Light Industrial)
  • Toronto
  • 13-06-2023
  • $23.20/hr - / Weekly
  • Full Time

Job Description

Caretaker  – Department:  Building Services     $19.50/hr

The Maintenance Worker is responsible for: 
• Ensuring that assigned work orders are completed in a timely and accurate manner consistent with 
required standards and guidelines. 
• Plumbing, carpentry, electrical and minor mechanical repair and services. 
• Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the Mainstay Housing staff, 
tenants, and/or member agencies. 
• Assisting with Building Services Manager in the identification and resolution of maintenance and 
repair issues affecting the facilities, grounds and furnishings of Mainstay Housing properties. 
The Maintenance Worker works as part of a team reporting to the Building Services Manager. The 
Maintenance Worker completes assigned work orders on a day-to-day basis. It requires an individual 
• Has good verbal, written and literacy skills so that they can interact effectively with Mainstay 
Housing staff, tenants and others. 
• Is organized, thorough and able to maintain the manual/computerized work order and records 
• Has skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical repairs and knowledge of repair of methods, 
materials and technology. 
• Is knowledgeable about building systems and operations. 
• Is experienced in safely operating machinery and equipment such as table saws, routers, etc. 
• Can provide informal training and information to caretakers, other Mainstay Housing, staff, 
volunteers and tenants. 
Job Description – Maintenance Worker - 2 of 5 - 
• Will continue to improve their professional knowledge. 
• Will provide reliable and accurate information to ensure that the Maintenance Co-ordinate and 
Manager of Building Services are kept up-to-date. 
A. Maintenance Repairs 
• Daily response to work orders as assigned. Receive and review approved work orders, arrange and 
schedule work according to the priorities determined by the Manager of Building Services. Obtain 
appropriate approvals in writing from supervisory staff before proceeding with major repairs. In the 
absence of a supervisor, use direction during emergencies to complete repairs and report actions 
taken to a supervisor as soon as possible. 
• Weekly/monthly check of mechanical systems including pressure gauges, pumps, boilers, air 
handling units, water storage tanks, electrical panels, fire equipment and hose cabinets where a 
licensed tradesperson is not required. Report repairs requiring a contractor to the Manager. 
• Repair or replacement of doors, locks, hardware, sinks, toilets, counters, shelving, flooring, 
walkways and paths, fencing, gates, glass, screens, windows, soffit and facia as appropriate, porches 
and exterior steps. 
• Determine supplies and equipment required from work orders and prepares purchase orders 
according to Mainstay Housing policy. 
• Patch, prime, paint drywall and/or install new drywall and framing. 
• Repair and/or install tile flooring and sand and seal wood flooring. 
• Operate power washing equipment on garage floor surfaces and garbage chutes and equipment. 
• Assist caretakers in cleaning exhaust systems in laundry rooms. 
• Maintain a current inventory control of all maintenance materials, tools, and equipment and report 
stock requirements and repairs to supervisor. 
• Assist in preparing purchase orders according to Mainstay Housing policy. 
• Perform tasks required to achieve the short term and long term preventative maintenance plan or as 
• Maintain equipment in good working order and repair as required (e.g. lawnmowers, snowblowers). 
• Perform monthly fire test. Perform weekly generator test as required. Perform appropriate entries 
in fire logs. Participate in all emergency procedures and drills. 
• Ensure tenant safety in all operations and participate in training and education on safety as directed 
by Mainstay Housing. 
Job Description – Maintenance Worker - 3 of 5 - 
• Deal with and report all vandalism, disturbances and emergencies to appropriate Mainstay Housing 
• Clear snow and ice from roadways, parking areas, walkways, stairways and entry ways as required. 
Sand/salt these areas as required. Minor repairs to sidewalks, pavers, exterior signage, retaining 
walls, garages etc. 
• Ensure that appropriate safety supplies, equipment, tools and materials are on site when doing 
work orders to minimize down time and unnecessary travel. 
• Perform tasks within WHMIS and WSIB requirements. Carry out responsibilities established in 
clients Health and Safety policy. Wear appropriate protective equipment when 
performing duties. 
• Perform repairs in vacated unit at the time of turnover. 
• Perform a variety of maintenance and repair functions to either correct or prevent faults or 
breakdowns. Apply knowledge in plumbing, mechanical and carpentry systems ranging in scope 
from elementary to semi-skilled. Make preliminary diagnosis and refer major electrical, heating and 
water system faults or repairs to supervisor. 
• Provide access for appropriate tradespersons, government inspectors and representatives to 
common areas and units in accordance with Mainstay Housing policy. Assist in maintaining the 
quality of work carried out by contractors as requested. 
• Perform on-call duties according to the on-call schedule. 
• Identify and make recommendations for the improvement of maintenance repair program. 
B. Administrative Duties 
• Assist in the accurate and timely recording of information in inspection reports, logs, work orders, 
inventory, etc. 
• Wear Mainstay Housing badge at all times when on site. 
• Complete incident reports when appropriate. 
• Document any significant problems, events, changes to services, etc. 
• Prepare and submit timesheets by the required date. 
• Prepare and submit travel and expense sheets on a monthly basis. 
C. Work with Tenants 
• Assist the Building Services Manager in ensuring tenant’s safety in operations and participate in 
tenant training, education and meetings. 
Job Description – Maintenance Worker - 4 of 5 - 
• Work as a team member with other Mainstay Housing staff to ensure that the program operates 
efficiently and effectively so that the organizational mission to provide, promote and support quality 
affordable housing primarily for consumer survivors, as well as people with special needs is realized. 
• Participate in internal committees and/or activities related to the organization. 
• Participate in regular supervisory sessions with the Manager of Building Services. 
• Perform other duties as required by Manager of Building Services and the Executive Director. 
• Identifies and make recommendations for improvement of the department and offers solutions to 
• Ensures anti-racism objectives and community development policies of the organization are 
achieved within the program. 
Working Conditions: 
• Work within a flexible schedule as some evening and weekend work is required. Travel is required. 
After hours emergency and pager response is required. 
• Exposure to household pests, and some smoking environments. 
Professional Development 
• Attend internal staff meetings. 
• Attend and participate in workshops/seminars related to the position. 
• Keep up to date on issues and information related to the position and the agency. 
• Grade 12 education. 
• At least three years experience in building maintenance, trades or renovation. 
• Experience using large maintenance equipment including table saws, routers, etc. 
Skills and Qualifications: 
• Familiarity with building systems and operation including knowledge of repair methods, materials 
and technology. 
• Ability to lift 25 kilograms 
• Ability to work independently 
• Sensitivity to working with tenants in supported housing. 
Job Description – Maintenance Worker - 5 of 5 - 
Regular hours of employment are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Occasional overtime may be 
required year end and at budget time. The position is based at the Head Office. This is a smoke-free, 
wheelchair accessible office environment.