Aerospace Division

With our deep understanding of manufacturing across multiple-sectors you can rest assured our recruiting team has the knowledge and know-how to evaluate manufacturing candidates and recruit from the necessary resources resulting in the rapid placement of key individuals.

Our top Aerospace executive search team, through years of working within the Aerospace manufacturing arena, is skilled at identifying and sourcing talent in every functional area of the Aerospace manufacturing industry.

To help you grow your business, you need people who will contribute significantly to your organization. And to find the perfect match, you need a trusted partner who will help you find the most driven and qualified personnel. Our Aerospace division has 5 Experienced HR recruiters who understand the importance of skilled, reliable and qualified people. For well over 12 years we have developed a proven successful hiring model supplying the Aerospace industry with the right people when you need them most.

“They provide qualified candidates in a timely fashion, have an excellent screening process and their staff is always available to address any of my concerns”

- HR Manager, MHI

Why Front Line’s Aerospace Division?

Connections in the Industry

This allows us to find the best people in the field

Proven Track Record

Our client’s satisfaction supports our goal

Front Line Hiring process

Utilizing the latest software to assess our candidates, in-depth interview process, referencing

Front Line Aerospace Resume

Serving the Aerospace Industry for over 5 years

Aerospace Database

Our volume of recruiting for the industry keeps our database fresh

Staffing services

Contract and Permanent staffing.

We offer a range of positions in the following areas:

  • Assembly
  • Quality
  • Engineering Production Management
  • Customer Liaison
  • Maintenance
  • IT
  • Materials Management/Logistics
  • Plant Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Process Engineers
  • Human Resources and Health& Safety

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