Try Before You Hire

Hiring staff when there’s a shortage of candidates… It’s a dilemma that many companies are facing post-pandemic.

Most organizations will have reverted to usual channels of recruitment only to find that responses to job ads are much lower than normal.

One of the outcomes of this shortage of candidates is for companies to ‘hire in a hurry’ and ‘regret at leisure’. Companies are hiring the first available candidate rather than seeing several candidates and making a properly informed recruitment decision.

The consequences are often more disruptive than not hiring at all, with other employees being disillusioned by incompetence or staff with the wrong attitude being hired. The knock-on effects can’t be overstated as a poorly motivated or overworked team can quickly decide to move on themselves.

Frontline Work Force recognizes this predicament and has developed a methodology for its clients to “try before they hire”, staff who have demonstrated the right skills and attitude over a few weeks to fit into a team. With the “Temp to Perm option” and there are no more residual payments. They can be hired directly to your payroll with no additional fee once they have completed 560 hrs. Below are the additional benefits of Try before You Hire,

1. Evaluate Skills

Candidates sometimes lie, both on their resumes and during interviews. Unfortunately, it’s a risk you take when hiring new employees. You can try your best to do background checks, call up past employers for references, and fact-check resumes, but sometimes, you still get stuck with an unskilled, inexperienced worker that isn’t cut out for the job, even though the candidate had an impressive resume and charmed during the interview.

With a “try before you hire” employment situation, you can evaluate a worker’s skills before committing—which means you can change your mind if the worker isn’t as great as he claimed to be during the hiring process. You get to see how he performs, hands on, in your work environment during a temporary probationary period. This will allow you to make more informed hiring decisions that are based on fact. No more hoping and praying that a candidate is as skilled as he claims to be—you’ll know for sure before offering permanent employment.

2. Evaluate Cultural Fit

Even if a candidate wasn’t lying about his exceptional skills and his lengthy background of relevant experience doesn’t mean that that he’ll be a good fit for your specific company. Your organization has its own culture, whether you see it or not. The way you do things, the attitudes in the workplace, the goals you set to achieve, and the values your company is based on all come together to create a unique company culture. And assessing cultural fit with new employees is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the person will work out for the long term. If the person isn’t a good cultural fit, the chances are high that he won’t stay around long.

3. Reduce Costs and Save Time

 When you can try before you hire, you can reduce the costs associated with the recruiting and hiring process as well as training time and lost productivity. Because you’ll reduce your risk of bad hires and only extend offers of employment to the candidates who have proved themselves to you, you’ll be able to ensure that your retention rate stays high, and your turnover rate stays low. You won’t have to spend time and money recruiting, hiring, and training new people every few months if you make sure your new hires are skilled and fit within your company culture the first time around.

4. The Employee Can Assess Satisfaction with the Position and Your Company

Maybe your job description was vague. Maybe the new hire just can’t seem to get along with your existing team. Maybe he doesn’t like the authority figures in your company, or he isn’t comfortable in the atmosphere. Whatever the reason, if your new hire isn’t happy, he’ll be looking to get out as soon as possible. Try before you hire positions can give your new hires an opportunity to evaluate your company in return, to ensure that they’ll be satisfied with the position in the long run, so they’ll work hard, be productive, and feel fulfilled in their new roles.

5. No Commitment

The best part of these opportunities, though, is that you have absolutely no commitment to the new hire if it doesn’t work out. Send him back to the staffing agency and start over. It’s that easy.

What can you expect from our workers?
We want to make sure you are getting the best quality workers for the job. Our hiring process ensures our workers are:
· Vetted
· Skill Tested
· Legal to work in Canada

Each worker goes through an interview process so we can assess their skills set and verify their employment history. We ensure all our workers are legitimate to work in Canada, checking any accreditation documentation before they are signed up.

If you’re interested in temp to perm and want to find out more, please give us a call at 905-629-7052 or visit our website; to learn more about FrontLine Workforce Inc. and why we have been such a strategic source for our GTA clients for over 20 Years .