Respite Care

“Everyone deserves a break from time to time”

Our services are about helping caregivers maintain a healthy balance so that they can continue to enjoy their own quality of life, allowing families to recharge, reduce stress and avoid caregiver burnout.

We can provide skilled and highly effective temporary relief for caregivers in all-encompassing needs such as planned or emergency situations.

We take the time to understand the priorities, needs and requirements of families and individuals who require community Respite support.

The staff we refer to you will be qualified to perform the job, have a legitimate interest in the position and be a good match for the individuals they will work with. Our services provide families with a positive experience with our relief workers for planned short-term and time-limited breaks for individuals who are experiencing behavioural, social, physical, emotional, and/or psychiatric difficulties.

Providing quality care and programming in the Community is important to us. Supporting individuals and families to provide for an enhanced quality of life.

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