Special Education Needs

A Smarter Way to Enhancing Quality of Life

Our specialized services offer support to agencies, organizations and institutions that work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors who are experiencing behavioural, social,
emotional and psychiatric difficulties.

We provide a professional and individualized approach to a Client-Centered Support system, reinforcing safety of the individual while contributing to specific client needs in their environment. Our Staff work to effectively manage challenging behaviors’ of clients within a variety of settings.

At Front Line Health Care we offer a smarter way to staff selection. Our clients rely on us to provide qualified, reliable and caring professionals to implement a high level of service to
clients and patients that require unique care.

We work with students and vulnerable youth.

Parents and staff while supporting students who may be experiencing challenging times within their environment.

We offer support to individual students and help facilitate, implement and reinforce individualized programs to maximize each individual’s potential within their educational environment.

Our service supports:

  • Students in crisis situations
  • Students moving from specialized programs back into the mainstream
  • Interim behavioural plans and programs
  • Teachers, school administrators and other stakeholders working with challenging students or situations

Our services are designed to meet the needs identified by the school and respond to the direction set by school personnel.

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